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Training Material for Doctors

Forensic Science Training Material for Doctors


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 Custodial Rape Death[PDF] 160 KB  |   Language:English
 Gynecology For Lawyers Medico Legal Practitioner Series[PDF] 1.1 MB  |   Language:English
 Hand Book on Sexual Abuse[PDF] 4.1 MB  |   Language:English
 Hand Book on Sexual Disorder[PDF] 5.0 MB  |   Language:English
 Handbook on Victimology[PDF] 1.2 MB  |   Language:English
 WorkShop For Medical Officers[PDF] 186 KB  |   Language:English
 Medical Malpractices[PDF] 1.8 MB  |   Language:English
 Medico Legal Presentation[PDF] 3.6 MB  |   Language:English
 Sexual Assault Medical Forensic Examination[PDF] 1.8 MB  |   Language:English
 Hand book on Post Mortem Technique[PDF] 6.4 MB  |   Language:English
 viscera Management System[PDF] 3.4 MB  |   Language:English
Guidelines for Medico Legal Victims of Sexual Violence[PDF] 887 KB  |   Language:English
 Wound Ballistics[PDF] 47.4 KB  |   Language:English
 Post-mortem Examination Report Form for Uttar Pradesh State[PDF] 2.3 MB  |   Language:Hindi
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