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It is "better to be safe then sorry". Although India is place known for humbleness & hospitality for its guests, but there are some unscrupulous elements present, to tarnish the image. The UP Police would like to make your visit to our beautiful State as pleasant and safe as possible. You are requested to help us to help you by following these simple measures while traveling around Uttar Pradesh-

  • Carry your wallet in an inside jacket pocket or side trouser pocket, never in the rear pocket.
  • Carry pocketbooks in the bend of your elbow, held close to your body. If there is a long strap, wrap it around the bag. Carry credit cards and small amount of cash in your pockets.
  • Keep pocketbooks on your lap when dining out, not dangling over the back of a chair. Avoid placing pocketbooks on hooks on the back of a fitting room or bathroom door, where someone can easily reach over and remove them.
  • Leave valuables and important papers, such as jewelry and passports, secured in your hotel's safe deposit box. Never leave these items unattended in your room.
  • Try not to carry large sums of cash during your Visit.
  • Be wary of unexpected persons coming to your hotel room. Never open the door to unsolicited room service or maintenance people. Contact the front desk if you have any doubts.
  • If you schedule a meeting with a potential client, research the company and the individual with whom you are meeting. Meet in a public place, such as a restaurant.
  • Make sure that luggage is only given to a member of the hotel's bell staff and a receipt is issued for stored luggage. Never leave luggage or other expensive items, unattended at airports or taxi stands.
  •  Make sure that for arranging a tourist guide or marketing guide take the help of authorized tourist agencies or Hotel management staff assigning the person whose details are available with the agency.
  • Wherever available, it is advisable to use pre-paid taxis/auto rickshaws or, pay by meter or ask for the fare chart.
  • Kindly contact on counter "May I help you" available in "Arrival Hall" at airport for help and guidance.
  • Refrain from credit card frauds of skimming, to avoid this always swipe your card by yourself on the payment counter.
  • Book your Hotels before hand to avoid being misled by taxi operators on arrival at airport/railway station.
  • Always try to book tickets for entry to any tourist destination at the authorized ticket counter to avoid extra charging.
  • Do not try eatables offered by strangers or persons showing extra attention to befriend you, while traveling in Bus/Train it may be mixed with narcotic or psychotropic substance.

Note : If you are staying with your known Indian friend, remember to keep inform, your Embassy about the exact address and telephone numbers of your friend.

Call at telephone number 100 in any emergency for police help.

Mahila Samman Prakoshtha, U.P. Police

Mahila Samman Prakoshtha


Mahila Samman Prakoshtha, U.P. Police
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